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Test post please ignore

One of my hobbies is workflow hacking – seeing what works well and making it work better.

After our talk on Enyo last night – more on that in another post – Blaine gifted me an webOS bluetooth keyboard that he wasn't using. Today I broke in to it and I may have discovered a fun new workflow today, pairing on a remote server over ssh with one of my coworkers.

Turns out SSH pairing works very well on the Touchpad when you throw a bluetooth keyboard in to the mix.

  • Card with Skype on the left
    • Skype was synced to my bluetooth headphones/headset so that it didn't echo
  • Card with SSH to the pairing server in the middle
    • screen -S sharing on the master side
    • screen -X <user>/sharing on the other
    • Don't create new screens, use SIGSTOP (ctrl-z) and fg to jump between tasks
      • rails s and other synchronous stuff can't be STOPped of course.
    • My vimrc and plugins are store in git so it's easy to throw on any machine
  • Browser Card with the rails application we're interacting with.
  • Other stuff to the right

I could get used to this. Would work very nicely at, eg, Cartel, supposing the bandwidth is good enough