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'$dayjob 2011 resolutions: Ryan Rix edition'

To follow along with Mel's post, I've been coming up some New Year's resolutions, which we laid out in our meeting this week. A short list of general goals have been laid out for a while now on my blag/wiki/website, but, yeah, let's make it hit planet so that not only I can hold myself accountable, but my team and the projects that I'm working with can hold me more accountable. Like Mel, I want to keep my resolutions light and focused enough that I can actulaly DO them. I don't want that gym membership to be unused in a month.

  1. Figure out Time Management: This is something that completely kicked my ass last semester. I mean, badly. I broke down in November, not only in Work but School, as well, and that's simply not an option this semester. It's something that I've needed to work on for years and years, but before it wasn't as important as now. I could get away with slacking in high school, and still have a chance to get things done. I can't do that in college, it's simply impossble. I need to create a work schedule — Or, Mel suggested to me that I create a free time schedule, where I cannot work on anything, and have to do something relaxing — and I need to stick to it. I need to figure out my sleep habits, train myself to actually get up, and don't do so many stupid late nights. Late nights are great for Getting Things Done but they don't work when I have classes the next day.
  2. Better Communication: Hey, me too! :) Yeah, the other half of Time Management comes in telling my team when I'm over my head, when I need to focus a bit more on class work, when I have an evil CSE 120 lab report due, etc… This also needs to go the other way, I need to be better about getting on our internal VPN and syncing mail so that I don't fall behind in what our team is doing between meetings. I resolve to actually send status reports every day I am working, and to keep up with what my team is doing. Communication goes both ways.
  3. Doing Awesome: I feel like some of the things that I have been spending my Work Time on have been … less than successful. :\ When our January meetings roll around, and we can all discuss what we are working on, I want to re-evaluate where I am spending my time, and see how that can be improved. We need to do a lot of thinking on where Campus Ambassadors can go/is going, for example.

What are your resolutions?